The Wisdom of Ancient People. Knowledge of the Self. Transcending Suffering, Death, Poverty. How to overcome any type of Mind Condition?

The teacher returning to his house after an absence of three nights, during which time the student had received no hospitality in his house said:

Choose three things that is helpful and beneficial.

I choose that my father be made calm, kind and free from anger and that he may know me and greet me.

Your father will know you and be again towards you, he shall sleep peacefully through the night and be free from anger.

In the heavenly word there is no fear, thou art not there, no one is afraid on account of old age, the fire sacrifice which leads us to heaven tell it to me: those who live in the heavenly world reach immortality. 

Learn it from me when you understand that fire sacrifice which leads us to heaven you will attain the endless world and their firm support hidden in the darkness.: the fire sacrifice is the beginning of all worlds, the fire sacrifice shall be named after you. He who has performed three times the fire sacrifice and had performed the three duties Study, Sacrifice, Alms-giving overcomes the cycle of birth and death. The sacrifice Fire makes you understand all that is born from the Absolute (God) you will obtain everlasting peace.

There is that doubt when a man is dead- some saying, he is, others he is not. This i would like to know taught by you.

On this point even the divine of olden times have had doubts; it is not easy to understand,that subject is too subtle.

The good is one thing the pleasant another. These two having different objects chain a man. It is well with him who hold to the good, he who chooses the pleasant misses his end.

The good and the pleasant approach the man; the wise goes round about them and distinguish them. The wise prefers the good to the pleasant, but the fool chooses the pleasant through greed and avarice.

Wide apart and leading to different points are these two: ignorance and wisdom. Fools dwell in darkness fancying themselves in their own concept to be wise. The Absolute never rises before the eyes of the non discerning fooled as he is by the delusion of wealth.

This his the world for the fool, he thinks, there is no other.

He (the absolute), the Self, of whom many are not even able to hear, and whom many, even when they hear of him, do not comprehend; wonderful is he who comprehends him. The Self when taught by an inferior man is not easy to know, there is no way to it, for it is inconceivably subtler than the subtle.

That knowledge is not to be obtained by argument.

The wise who, by means of meditation on his Self, recognizes the Primal, who is difficult to be seen, who has entered into the dark, who is hidden in the cave of the heart, who dwells in the abyss, he indeed leaves joy and sorrow far behind.

A mortal who has heard this and embrace it, who has separated from it all qualities and has thus reached the subtle Being, rejoices.

The knowing Self is not born, it dies not, it sprang from nothing, nothing sprang from it. The primal is unborn, eternal,everlasting, he is not killed, though the body is killed.


From the book of wisdom


By Anselmo Boaventura




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