what is mind? The spiritual understand of mind.Is mind a condition to be wealth?


According to ancient people, explain that, the mind proceed on its errand propelled by the soul (Spirit). 

The ear of the ear, the mind of the mind, the speech of the speech, the breath of the breath, and the eye of the eye is the Spirit.

Established in the Spirit and going beyond the sense organs and the mind the wise man becomes immortal after the body decay or death.

The Spirit is other than known, it is also above the unknown, that which is not expressed by speech (the words can not describe due to limitation), but that by which speech is expressed ( the spirit propels the speech or words), that which does not think by mind (the Spirit is Transcendental it is unknown to the mind and senses), but that by which the mind thinks ( the spirit illumine the mind and the mind thinks thoughts), that which does not see by the eyes (senses can not see the Spirit) , but that by which the eye see (the Spirit Illumines the sense and make the eye see the objects).

The Spirit goes beyond the sense organs and the mind and because of that is difficult to know it (it is not object) even though people can realize it or experience it. 

By the Self Awakening the Spirit it is thought to be known - the Spirit is Subject (awareness, consciousness) and by realization of the Spirit the wise man attain the state of immortality- meaning transcending the body, the senses and the mind death is applied exclusively to the body.

The Spirit is the indwelling Self in every been, and thus need to be meditated on.

This is the knowledge of the Absolute Spirit and stands in concentration, self-control and sacrifice.

The wealthy business man do not let this Truth be known. The Spirit is a primordial essence to attain any type of success.     


















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