What is life? Who Lives? Who is Dead? What is Death?


I will introduce this subject saying that there are two kinds of science (the one that we learn in the school and goes on to PHD physical sciences, social sciences, religion, theology and all the science that we have knowledge like technology and others), those sciences belong to the field of objectives sciences (what we can see and touch). The other kind of science is in the field of philosophy (metaphysics) beyond objects, if you want, deals with what you can't see and touch but you can realize. 

My concept of Life is going to come from a Metaphysics point of view and understanding, i will take a everyday Man experience and explain the fields of objects and reality.

So my concept of Life will take a Spiritual approach in opposition to medical, legal, social and medical approach.


All that we see universe, object, light and so on. All that we do not see (the Spirit) is God (THE SPIRIT).

When we look to our lives we can see very quickly observe that our lives are composed by experiences.

The first experience we can observe is when we wake up we cognise external objects, we see the physical world, we see the universe and it's objects. We see other people, we see objects, we see animals, we see light, day, we experience air and space.

The second experience we can observe is we have dreams, we dream about everything possible, we see people, we see objects, we see animals. Is the world of internal objects, here we deal with mental objects.

The third one experience is when we are in deep sleep here we don't see the visible world neither the mental world; the sleep push aside the first 2 experiences; we do not see the world of objects internal or external.

We said in deep sleep we do not experience neither physical objects nor mental objects, here we experience restful and bliss.

Before proceed let me try to explain better what happens in Deep Sleep. And to understand we have to start looking at the meaning of object, so, if we look at the opposite the antonym of object is gone be subject (subject takes us to the idea of a person). 

In Deep Sleep there is no internal and external objects which means no physical objects, no mental objects, dreams, neither idea, notion, conception, proposal, effect and so on. 

Let's replace the word object with matter and antimatter or material and immaterial because push away the idea of a person.

In Deep Sleep is the Spirit having is own experience. No Object it's only Spirit. The Spirit is the source of all (meaning external and mental objects), is the inner controller. Everything starts in Deep Sleep. Everything starts with peace and proceed to external objects and internal objects.

In Deep Sleep there is no kids, marriage, debt, school, problems, government, senate, country. In Deep Sleep there is no difference between rich and poor, it's only one thing PEACE.

I want talk, now, about a 4th kind of experience  which very few human being have the opportunity to realize it. The only prove of it experience is in the field of metaphysics. His presence is peaceful, benign and pure oneness.

He is unseen, unusable, ungraspable, he is without signs, without indications, unthinkable and indescribable.



The concept of Death that the majority of us know is the one that has been taught us according to modern science cessation of all biological function that sustain a living organism. 

It's easy to conclude that in Deep Sleep where we do not have internal and external objects, we do not have mind, intellect, we do not have sense organs, we do not smell, we do not taste, we do not see. In Deep Sleep the only biological function that sustain the organism is the breath and the heart activity, everything else is shut down.

We can't be so materialists to accept that living organism is the body. that's a pure materialism. If the body thinks, the body experience, the body dream, the body have concepts, ideas, notion, so why can't other animal that have bodies experience the same.

Living being is the one that reminds you that you have been in Deep Sleep. The one that you do not see but manifests in Deep Sleep. Living being is the peace that you experience in Deep Sleep.

According to metaphysics Death is the fall of the body and the transmigration of the mind. The living being never dies.

Death is not a concept that we can apply to Spirit (the immaterial)

Materialism define Death as the fall of the body and the Spirit. (whatever we experience in deep sleep contradicts materialism).

Anselmo Boaventura

Spiritual Seeker

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