What is God? Is the Soul God? Is God an object of our senses?


What is God?

Know it from the scriptures that the self is The Spirit (God). The non-dual Spirit (God) cannot be reach by speech, study or discussion, It must be realized in the heart. Self shining God cannot be reached by the miserable mind.

God (The Spirit) is not an object of the senses nor of inference, and there is no second to it, it is beyond direct perception, inference or analogy, also know that being free from attributes it cannot be expressed by words.

The God Self centered science clearly deny what is not God as "not this", 'not this" and indicate God by silence. we cannot experience God through thought or words they are limited by the body and the mind. God has no limit.

The Heart governs the external senses, its faculties play, internally and externally, as intellect and mind.

As your face is seen reflected in a mirror, so the image of Pure consciousness (God) is seen in intellect, the mind proceeds to function and this is called knowledge.

As molten metal takes the shape of the mold into which it is poured, so the mind assumes the shapes of the objects, and they are revealed by the reflected light. Without eyesight and light thing in darkness cannot be discovered.

The aid of a burning lamp and clear eyesight are required to discover an object in the darkness. But to see the sun eyesight alone will do. To see the manifest universe, both molded mind and reflected consciousness are necessary.But to realize reality GOD molded mind eager for realization will do alone.

The union of the molded minded and the reflected self is called the mind.

God can be reached by the mind for the reason that the molded mind directed to itself is necessary for realization.

God cannot be reached by that part of the mind which is reflected consciousness (the light of the self when in contact with the body or mind).

The active mind is composed of three things; Divine Qualities; Tendencies pertaining to the world and the Evil Nature.

The Divine Quality is the very nature of the mind, whereas the Tendencies Pertaining to the World and the Evil nature are mere adjuncts and can be banished from it.

If one  holds steadily to one's Divineness the World and the Evil get strangled so that internal stress and external manifold disappear, when this happens your mind shines forth untainted and becomes motionless and subtle like the ether. And then naturally becomes one with God (the Self) which is already so and remains in undifferentiated peace.

When one stainless mirror is placed in front of another similar one the reflecting surfaces will be one indistinguishable whole. Similarly the mind which is clear and pure has become one with the Self (the infinite).

The annihilation of the mind is of two grades; A) mind pattern; B) mind itself.

Elimination of the world and the Evil leaving Divinity alone is the dissolution of the pattern of the mind when Divinity vanishes along with the mind, the mind itself is said to have perished.

Divinity is pure and forms the very nature of the mind; when the world and the evil (which gave pattern to it) are destroyed (by proper practice), the identity of the term mind is lost.




Anselmo Boaventura

Spiritual Seeker





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