Time is a conceptual fiction constructed on the basis of fact; Time does not exist as permanent entity, time is a derivative notion a useful way of conceptualizing the occurrence of compound

By Mudjadjii


What is Time?

Is time real?

To understand time we have first of to understand the nature of reality and the ancient Buddhist Philosophy establish that to be ultimately real is to have intrinsic nature.

Something is ultimately real just to the extent that its being what it is does not depend on the nature of other things. The test for something having intrinsic nature is to see if it retains its nature after being either divided or analyzed.

Anything dependently originated must be devoid of intrinsic nature.

Nothing that originates in dependence on distinct causes and conditions can have intrinsic nature.

If there is no intrinsic nature, there can be no extrinsic nature.

If there there is neither intrinsic or extrinsic nature, there can be no existent.

According to Buddhism Philosophy something that does not undergo arising and dissolution is eternal.

Anything that does undergo arising and dissolution is, upon is dissolution, annihilated.

Dissolution is the going out of existence of an existing entity, arising is its coming into existence.

Arising and dissolution are events that occur to existing things and existing things are either characterized by destruction or not characterized by destruction.

Arising and dissolution are only seen because of delusion; we do believe that impermanent things do exist. Impermanent things do not have intrinsic nature (ESSENCE).

Time consists of three phases past, present and future. So if time is real past, present and future must likewise be real. Do they exist independently of one another, or they are in relation of mutual dependence?

Imagine if the future existed by itself, then where it existed would always be the future and never present or past; The intrinsic nature of the future would have been future. The result would be that time would be static and unchanging.

Time supposed to explain the possibility of change.

If the present and future exist dependent on the past, then present and future would be at past time.

If present and future do not exist in the past then present, future and past must exist at the same time.

There is no establishment of the two ( present and future) if they are independent of past. Neither present nor future time exist.

Time can be measured in units as instant, moment, hour, and the like.

Does this time that can be measured exist as something that abide or remains unchanging, or does exist as something not abiding, as something that undergoes change?


A nonabiding time  could not be measured.

The only time that might exist and so be measured is one that cannot be apprehended and consequently cannot be measures.

What is known as time does not in any sense exist as a permanent entity, distinct from objects and so on, endowed with an intrinsic nature.

Time is  conceptualized  on the basis of conditions entities such as objects and the like. Time is derivative notion, a useful way of conceptualizing the occurrence of compounded entities. Time is a way to understand the relationship between those entities. What "EXIST" are those entities.

If time depend on an existent, how will time exist in absence of an existent.

Anselmo Boaventura

Spiritual Seeker

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