Three Wishes


Let me tell a story of teaching and apprehension of wisdom from the Teacher to the Student, the way it use to be in the ancient times. This story is in an Old book, from ancient  civilization and, i think it is paramount to anyone that likes and lives spiritual life to know it.  

The student went to the abode of the teacher and there was no one to receive him.

The student stayed in the house waiting for the teacher.

After three nights the teacher returned to his house, during this time the student has not received hospitality, no eating, and the teacher said venerable guest choose now three wishes.

The student ask as the first wish that the teacher made is father calm, kind and free from anger towards him and that the father may know him and greet him.

The teacher blessed the wish and said thy father your father will know you, will be calm and kind towards you, your father will sleep peacefully through the night and will be free from anger.

The student said then in the heavenly world there is no fear, no one is afraid on account of old age, hunger and thirst and sorrow, all rejoice in the world of heaven.

Tell me about the fire sacrifice which leads to us heaven and to immortality.

I will tell you- said the teacher- learn it from me and when you learn it from me and when you understand it, know that, it is the attainment of the endless worlds, and their firm support, hidden in the darkness.

The teacher told him about the fire sacrifice, the beginning of all the worlds, and what bricks are required for the altar, and how many, and how they are to be placed.

He who has three times performed this fire sacrifice, and has been united with the three (father, mother and teacher), and has performed the three duties (study, sacrifice and alms giving)  overcomes the cycle of birth and death.

When you learn and understand this fire sacrifice which knows and make us know all that is born of GOD which is venerable and divine, you will obtain everlasting peace, you will rejoice in the world of heaven, beyond the reach of grief.

The teacher said choose now your third wish.

There is that doubt, when a man is dead, some saying, he is, others he is not. Teach me about that.

On this point even the divines of olden times have had doubts it is not easy to understand. That subject is too subtle.

Choose another wish.

The student said Death is declared it to be not easy to understand, and another teacher like you is not to be found.

No other wish is like unto this.

The teacher said choose sons and grandsons  who shall live a hundreds years, herds of cattle,  elephants, gold, and horses.

Choose the wide abode of the earth and live yourself for as many harvest as you desire.

If you think of any which equal to that, choose that, choose wealth, and long life. Be a king on the wide earth. i will make you the enjoyer of all desires. Whatever desires are difficult to attain among the mortals, ask for them according to your wish.

The student said these things last till tomorrow. We wear out this vigor of all the senses, even the whole life is short, no man can be happy by wealth, shall i possess wealth when i see you?

The teacher said the good is one thing, the pleasant another, these two having different objects chain a man.

It is well with him who chooses the good; he who chooses the pleasant misses his end.

The good and the pleasant approach the man: the wise goes round about them and distinguishes them. The wise prefers the good to the pleasant, but the fool chooses the pleasant through greed and avarice.

Fools dwelling in darkness, fancying themselves in their own concept to be wise and learned and puffed up with vain knowledge, go round and round, staggering to and from, like blind men lead by the blind.

The hereafter never rises before the eyes of the non discerning, fooled as he is by the delusion of wealth.

He the awareness of whom many are not even able to hear, and whom many, even when they hear of him, do not comprehend; wonderful is a man; when found who is able to teach of him ( the awareness); wonderful is he who comprehends him, when taught by an able teacher.

That awareness when taught by an inferior man, is not easy to know, even though often thought upon; unless it be taught by another, there is no way to it, for it is inconceivably subtler than the subtle.

The wise who, by means of meditation on his awareness, recognizes the primal, who is difficult to be seen, who is entered into the dark, who is hidden in the cave of the heart, who dwells in the abyss, he indeed lives joy and sorrow behind.

The word or goal which all the religions speak of, which all the penances proclaim, which man desire when they live; it is the awareness inside you.

The knowing awareness is not born; it dies not; it sprang from nothing, nothing sprang from it. The primal is unborn, eternal, everlasting; he is not killed, though the body is killed.

If the killer thinks that he kills, if the killed thinks that he is killed, they do not understand; for this one does not kill, nor is that one killed.


Anselmo Boaventura 


Spiritual Seeker



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