The Wise Man

The wise man looks inward into himself.

Wise man with eyes closed can see the the Self behind.

Wise man only knowing the nature of what is immortal look not for anything else (objects/things).

That by which we know form, taste, smell,sound and touch by that also we know what exist besides.

The wise man when he knows that that by which he perceives all objects while awake or in sleep is the great all pervading Self grieves no more.

He who knows the living spirit within as being the Self the author of past and future  fears no more thereafter.

What is here visible in the world the same is there in the Absolute invisible and what is there the same is here.

He who sees difference between things here or between the world and the Absolute he goes from death to death.

Only by mind is this invisible Absolute, the Self, to be obtained.

The Self of the size of a thumb stands in the middle of the human body is like a light without smoke he is the same today and tomorrow.

The Self dwells in the bright heavens the Self is the sacrifice fire, the Self dwells in man and in the cosmic order.

No mortal lives by the breaths that goes up and by the breaths that goes down. We live by another in whom these two repose.

I shall tell you the mystery the Self, the Highest person, who is awake in us when we are asleep that alone is called immortal. All worlds are contained on it and nothing goes beyond.

There is one ruler, the Self within all things, who make his one form manifold.

The wise who perceive him within get eternal peace.

There is one eternal thinker- thinking non eternal thoughts, who, though one, fulfills the desires of many.

The sun does not shine. The moon does not shine. The stars that not shine. When the Self shines everything shines after him. by his light all this is lighted.

Distinct from the Self are the senses and their rise and restfulness serves their own distinctive existence. knowing that the senses serves their own existence the wise man grieves no more.

Beyond the senses is the mind, beyond the mind is its essence the intellect, higher than the intellect is the Self, higher than the self is the unmanifest.

The book of wisdom

By Anselmo Boaventura 



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