The Truth; Superimposition of the world in the Spirit and the body in the soul.

today i want to talk about the oldest Spiritual Science most people ignore it existence; For today effect i will call it the Science of the Soul. The Spirit.

The Truth.

Prerequisites for realization of the truth.

A) Discrimination between the Temporary and the Permanent (unreal and real);

B) Indifference to the enjoyment of pleasures;

C) Control of Mind; Control of senses; Cessation of activities (nos spiritual activities);Control of passion; settling down of the mind; faith in the Master and the scriptures.

He who has forgotten his true nature is alternately born and dies, turning round and round in the unceasing wheel of time, until he realizes the true nature of the self.

Only he is self realized who knows what is body and who is embodied(the subject of dreams) who experience the sleep.


The cause of bondage and release is the Superimposition. Superimposition is seen one thing in another. A snake for instance in a rope; a man in a post.

Similarly the universe seen in Spirit (the universe is superimposed in the Spirit), the spirit is free from name and form, one and the same time without a second, self-conscious and perfect, the universe is product of illusion.

Superimposition gives rise to the creation.

The beginingless Individual Soul remain unmanifest in deep sleep state then the deep sleep state is disturbed by thought or time, the thought or time manifest this universe.

Effacement of superimposition

Just as one examines and finds out this is not a snake but rope, and this is not a thief but a thick post, so also one makes out beyond doubt by the light of scriptures, that the body, the world and the elements are only Spirit ( unchanging consciousness)

Cause and effect are the same (ornaments and gold) to resolve the body into its antecedent cause, until the illusion is traced as the root cause of all is the method of effacing superimposition.

The veiling power veils the inner vision of all embodied beings except for self realized Masters.

Outwardly the veiling power veils the distinction between the Spirit and His modifications - as the world- and inwardly that of the self which is pure consciousness from its modifications ego and mind.

Does the Superimposition rest when the Spirit is complete hidden?

Ignorance does not veil the Spirit - I AM; but veils the specific knowledge- I AM Spirit.

The knowledge "This IS" persists whether we see a rope or a snake. It is continuous and general.

 The way to get rid of trappings of the individual soul is to kill the present idea I am the Body which is only a corpse after all.

Know you as the Self, to be consciousness the even unchanging, single, eternal and all pervading Witness.

All pervading Spirit and the Witness in the individual being ( SOUL) are together one and the same.

Ignorance veils the truth that the Self is the Spirit and shows multiplicity instead; the illusion that the evanescent world is reality and that the body is the self is wrong knowledge.

hearing the truth is to revert the mind repeatedly to the truth you are the soul and the soul is the Spirit. Reasoning is rational investigation of the meaning of the text as already heard. Meditation is one pointedness of mind.

The practice must be kept up so long as the sense of the knower and knowledge persist. Remaining as pure eternal consciousness and thus liberated while alive.

By Anselmo Boaventura

Spiritual Seeker

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