The importance of Concentration; Mind; Modification of the mind; The Powers of The Mind

The importance of concentration.

Concentration is the restraining of the mind (past impressions) from taking various forms (modification).

Functions of the mind.

The first function of the mind is characterized by doubt, indecision, and volition, intention, aim, purpose and observance;

The second function of the mind is intellect endowed with power of discrimination and determination; 

The third function of the mind is store past impression (memory);

The fourth function of the mind is Ego characterized by the Ego take the place of the real person.

To understand impressions and modification we need some examples to help us.

The eyes it self do not see. To see the eyes need the brain centre which is in the head. If you take away the brain centre the eyes will not see. So, the eyes are secondary instruments. The organ of vision is in the brain centre.

Sometimes a man is asleep with eyes open, the light is there and the picture is there but, the eyes will not see. To see the eyes need the mind and the organ of vision to help.

The mind take the impression to the intellect and the intellect discriminate. When the intellect reacts along flashes the idea of egoism.

Then this mixture of action and reaction is presented to the Spirit (consciousness being) who perceived an object in this mixture.

The various processes in the mind are called impressions, the thought is one form of impression. When the wave of thought comes we call it modification.


Thought is a force as it is gravitation or repulsion. From the infinite storehouse of force in nature the impression takes hold of some, absorbs it and take it out as thought.

The mind is not intelligent yet appears to be. 

Men is the only sentient being. Mind is only the instrument through which we can catch the external world.

Take the example of one Apple. The Apple does not exist outside the men consciousness. What exist outside is unknown or unknowable.

The unknown or unknowable gives the suggestion to the mind  and the mind gives out the reaction in form of the Apple. The Apple is not outside your awareness. Nothing can be outside human awareness. 

To call anything or something experience we have to have object in one side and intelligence or consciousness on the other side. Two objects can not give any type of experience due to the fact that both are insentient.

You can not call something object if you are not aware of that same thing.

The man spirit is behind the mind; the mind is instrument on his hand. It is only the man spirit stands behind the mind that it becomes intelligent.

State of the Mind


Found in brutes and idiots. Acts to injure;


Power and enjoyment. The willing to be powerful and rule others;


Calmness, everything cease. No impression. No modifications. No thought.

It is great manifestation of power to be calm.

The impressions are trying to get back to it's natural pure state: pure calm. The mind draw it out.

Although the impression are in every animal, from lowest to the highest, it is only in the human form that we find it as the intellect.

Forms of impression


Activity. Manifest in the form of pleasure or pain


Dullness tend  to injury.


Struggle to centre.

One- pointed

Tries to concentrate


Realization. The Spirit rests in his own unmodified state.

Why we do not see our own existence?

Before concentration the spirit is identified with the modification.

For instance someone blames me for anything; this produces modification, in my mind, and i identify myself with it and the result is misery.

Classes of modifications


a) Direct perception when two perceptions do not contradict each other; we call it prove; Whatever we see and feel;

b) Inference You see a sign, from the sign you come out with the prove;

c) Direct evidence Knowledge of the spirit (spiritual revelations)


false knowledge not established in real nature.

Verbal delusion

Words have no correspondent reality


Feeling of voidness.


Perceived subjects do not slip away; the impression come back to consciousness.

Memory can come from direct perception, false knowledge, verbal delusion, and sleep.

The mind to have no attachments, impression, modifications must be clear, good and rational.

What is concentration?

Is the attempt to restrain the impressions of the mind to prevent it's going out into modifications (waves).

It becomes firmly grounded by long constant efforts with great love.

Restraint does not come in one day, but by long continued practice

Anselmo Boaventura

Spiritual Seeker



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