Spiritual Knowledge. Concept of Knowledge. Thought. The Absolute. The unlimited.


when the knowledge is twofold (subjective and objective) then the Spirit (the Self, The Soul) hears, sees, smells, tastes and touches. Is the Self that knows everything.

When the knowledge is not twofold, without effect, cause and action, without a name, without a comparison, without a predicate - what is that? it can not be told.

The Self is also called creator of all. Having renounce sensuous objects and direct all attention to the undivided essence let man perceive the Self - the Spirit from out of his own body.

All that begins with the power of intellect and ends with elements is the sign that there is one witness which is an intelligent subject. As nature moves towards become manifest there arises perception of it. Intellect, will, conception, consciousness are for testing the effects of the nature. Then there are five perceptive organs intended for the five objects of sense for the tasting of them. What is manifest and what is not manifest is the Spirit food. The Spirit is the enjoyer of what is manifest and what is not manifest. Been enjoyer the Spirit is without qualities, it follows that he possesses intelligence.

The Spirit enjoys the nature.

There are two forms of the Spirit time and non-time. That which was before the existence of sun and its like is non-time and has no parts. That which had its beginning from the sun and its likes is time and has parts.

This is the rule to achieve the Spirit concentration of the mind on the object of the meditation (subject of meditation - the Spirit is subject and not object), restraining of the breath, the senses, meditation, fixed attention.

What can not be thought, the hidden, the highest, let a man merge his thought there. After the cessation of the mind the man sees his own self, smaller than small, and shining, as the highest self.

Book of wisdom


By  Anselmo Boaventura

Spiritual Student 


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