Mind. The Spiritual modifications of the mind. Three states of the mind. The Spirit. Higher Knowledge


Why we have Millionaires and Billionaires?

All that we see for example the Universe (Objects) is Spirit. And all that we do not see the Soul, the Self within is Spirit. The Universe and the Soul are the same Spirit.

The mind (Spirit) subsists in four states;

State of waking the mind cognises only external objects, external objects,  physical universe. The mind is the experiencer of gross objects.

State of dream the mind cognises only internal objects, mental objects, the mind is experiencer of subtler objects formed of mind's impressions.

State of deep sleep when the darkness of the night drives away the visible word, so does the dreamless sleep push aside the world of objects, external or internal.

The mind experiences restful and bliss. The mind is the knower and source of all, the inner controller.

The Witness state the mind merge in the spirit. The Spirit is neither external or internal directed. The Spirit does not cognise external objects nor internal objects, the Spirit Himself is not cognisable, knowable, he is unseen, unusable, ungraspable. He is without signs, indications, unthinkable and indescribable. 

His only proof is his presence: peaceful, benign, pure oneness. It is the Supreme Self.

Two kinds of knowledge must be known, the higher and the lower.

The Lower knowledge is the Knowledge of objects (universe)

The Higher Knowledge That which can not be seen, seized, which belongs to neither this social order not that, which has no eyes nor ears, no hands nor feet, the eternal, the all-pervading, the infinitesimal, the imperishable, that it is which the wise regard as the source of all that exists.

Millionaires and Billionaires are among the wise man who believe in Higher Knowledge as source of all that exists.

Money, wealth, success,  bliss, joy, happiness belongs to the Higher Knowledge.


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