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The Self Realization

Today using the oldest philosophical thought process i will try to attempt to reply to the question if is there any way a human being can overcome sorrow, suffer, stress, mental health and other all types of psychological arrest the human mind is subject to. 

Self Realization is the direct cognition of the Self which is always present in all thought.

Everybody has some knowledge of the Self - The Self is our own existence.

At first the Self real nature is not known. When the mind becomes purer through meditation the veil of ignorance is gradually withdrawn and the Self begins to reveal its real nature.

A higher knowledge follows at an advanced stage when the knowledge of the Self as mere witness is seen as absorbing all other thoughts.

The Self (the seer) in itself is alone permanent, the seen (objects, mater, world) is opposed to it - transient. (we call this discrimination).

The Self, in this ever changing world, is one changeless being as witness of these changes. This permanent ever seeing being is the Self.


Knowledge of the Self is not brought about by any other means than discernment or reasoning the same way an object is nowhere perceived (seen) without the help of light or The Self.

It is the ignorance which withheld the Self (the light of knowledge) from us.

To remove the ignorance from us we need to make an inquiry into the real nature of that ignorance. 

We know that we are but we do not know what our real nature is.

In the wake state we think that we are the body, the physical being, and consequently we feel ourselves strong or weak, young or old, stressed, depressed, mental health and any other adversities.

In the dream state regardless of physical existence we remain only in a mental state, thinking beings, feeling the misery or happiness that our thoughts create.

In the deep sleep we enter into a state where we cannot find either the Physical body or Physical being neither mental state or thinking beings.

We pass through these states almost daily and yet do not which of them conforms to our real nature.

To know our real nature we have to inquiry into the truth.

I am not the body - combination of the elements, matter. The body is devoid of consciousness.

I am not the aggregate of the senses.

I am something different from these.

So, How the world appears before us.

The world appears before us because we do not know our real nature.

Everything is produced by ignorance and dissolves in the wake of knowledge.

These world appears before us created by ignorance about our real nature and, modification of our own thoughts in the mind.

Because we do not know our real nature the only thing that we are aware of is our own thoughts. The world that we see before us is what our thoughts have created for us.

The material cause of the ignorance and thought is the SELF subtle (not apprehended by the senses) and unchanging (Existence).

The Self does not admit of a second of the same or of a different kind, or of any parts within itself: it is one homogeneous whole.

The Self is the subtle, the knower, the witness, the ever existent and unchanging.

The Self is the material creator of the world. The Self is God.

The Self is the material creator of the Ego- Ignorance and Thought. The Ego is object devoid of consciousness but because of the ignorance we think we are the very limited Ego. Ego is object. The Self is the Subject the Creator.

The Self is the Consciousness THE ONE and without parts. The body as well the world consists in parts.

The Self is all consciousness and holy, the body is all flesh and impure.

The Self is the Supreme Illuminator and purity itself.

The Self is eternal, since is existence itself.

The body is object - non existent because is subject to destruction.

The Luminosity of the Self consists in the manifestation of all objects.

The Self luminosity is different from the fire or son luminosity because in the presence of such light darkness prevail at night; the light of the Self illuminates the darkness and the other lights been consciousness itself.

The idea that the person is the body is ignorance - pure materialism.

Beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the intellect, lies the Self the witness and the enjoyer of  our own experiences in awaking state, dream state and in the deep sleep.

To overcome the suffer, sorrow, unhappiness,  sadness, stress, depression, mental health disorders you have to go beyond the body, mind, intellect and establish your self in the SELF.


Anselmo Boaventura

Spiritual Seeker 


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