Guide To A Black Man Get Rich. How Afro Americans can't get rich?


Hi Everyone.

This is a call for every Afro American to start travelling from ignorance to Knowledge. The ignorance, i am talking about, is the the lack or absence of knowledge. 

The knowledge i am talking about is not scientific or a school knowledge, it is, in opposition, the ability to contemplate the things. Knowledge that i am talking about is equivalent to wisdom.

Wisdom is the knowledge that comes from within out.

Ignorance often make us blind.

How can Afro Americans and black community suffer for so long, when the solutions for all the problems is on their face.

The white Dudes they been doing this for so long. There is no doubt that anybody that do the same process, in long term, succeed in life. Is not about the race, is about the right knowledge.

Wisdom is the quest for the right knowledge to mitigate the struggle in life. Wisdom is the tool to defeat all types of ignorance.

Wisdom is the ability to see using the eye that resides within when the actually real eyes are blind by the ignorance.

The white dudes, instead of creating companies, i mean, instead of initiate a business from the scratch, they devise a plan to slowly get rich over 20 years.

The place, the plan, the strategy, the science, the tool do exist today. People is just blind.

I call every and single Afro American to follow me in this article starting from exotic dancers, drug dealers, small business owners, strippers, employees, i call everybody to follow me.

What the white dudes are doing is not a black magic, fetish or high supreme and supernatural power. In reality they are employing wisdom and managing patience.

I mean if you have 2 kids and you save $200, 100 each, a month, in an investment account for 20 years, compounding interest, there are no more misery in your house, they will be a millionaires by 20 years. 

This is a very simple technique.

We can understand Intelligence in many ways. I will take in 2 ways to explain my point. Intelligence can be understood in the most communally way as connected to IQ or any scientific measure. 

You do not need a very high IQ to succeed. 

In reality to succeed you only need the right knowledge; being patient, disciplined and eager to learn; you must harness your emotions and think for yourself.

Wisdom is more a trait of character than of the brain.

The truth is high IQ and higher education, to a competitive economy, like american one, is not gone be enough to succeed.

In 1720 Sir Isaac Newton was an investor in England. He owned shares in the South Sea Company, the hottest stock in England. He believed that he could calculate the motions of the market. He believed that the market was fall, so he sold all is share/stock making 7000 pounds. Then the market went back up, few months later, and he bought back the same stock loosing close to 20000 pounds, he was buying at a higher price.


Sir Isaac Newton was one of the most intelligent people who ever lived considering is IQ but he lacked wisdom to understand that Capital Market can not be beaten, works it's on way, according it's on rule.

The worst market crash, recently years, US stock market losing 50.2% of their value or 7.4 trillion between March 2000 and October 2002;

We see the same this year 2020, the market drop really bad, starting February and March.

The rule is simple the The investor that apply wisdom is not scared of the market crash, he believes that crash is one immanent rule of the market, nothing can be done to avoid it. The wisdom's investor control his enthusiasm when the market crash.

The IQ investor get scared because for him he failed to predict the motion of the market, he got crashed himself. The IQ investor get his judgement impaired by the motions of the market.

The wise investor do not go to the industry or stocks that will grow fast, the wise investor is looking for profit, usually stocks that are growing fast have small margin of profit because all the IQ investor bid on them causing the price to go up.

I will call exotic dancers, Strippers, Drug Dealers, Small Business Owner, employees and all black or Afro American to flood the Stock Market and buy, at least, a SP 500 and sit on it. Afro Americans i call you to flood the American Market with an Investment account.

Anselmo Boaventura

Spiritual Seeker




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