God. religion, Theology, Scholasticism, Mysticism, Philosophy

The importance of Philosophy to understand God.

The knowledge of God is attained only gradually.

The steps to acquire the knowledge of God are Religion, Theology, Scholasticism, Mysticism and Philosophy.

In the beginning Man's knowledge of science was treated not as a separate subject but as part of philosophy - which is a rational inquiry regarding all that is known to exist.Philosophy is the last stage to Understand God. Philosophy is the use of intellect or reasoning to understand realities. Reasoning is a power or faculty free to exercise. Philosophy is the stage that one is able to devote oneself exclusively to a pursuit of the highest or the most comprehensive truth by means of reasoning.

In the past rigorous mystic teachers helped to clarify the mind as to enable it to reason most correct. But today such discipline is almost impossible under present conditions. The modern mental outlook is predominantly scientific due to the great progress the science has made.

The truth is scientific spirit, Religion, Theology, Scholasticism, Mysticism are not themselves a fit to realize, experience or understand God.

God is the Ultimatum Truth, Supreme truth, The Highest Truth only can be realized through Philosophy or reasoning or inquiry.

It is expressly state that neither religion, theology, nor mystic practice is in itself of value in the absence of reasoning or intellect.

The aim of every one should be to reach this Supreme level of reasoning by continuing inquiry, though one may feel satisfied with religion, theology, or mysticism in which one believes. Some have not the patience to pursue it to the end. Therefore, the highest stage to which men attain is only the Theological (based on Authority) or the mystic (based on intuition) and not the rational 

The following definition of God is purely based on reasoning in opposition to believe and faith.


Beyond the senses there are objects, beyond the objects there is the mind, beyond the mind there is the intellect.The Great Self is beyond the intellect. Beyond the Great Self there is the unmanifest , beyond the unmanifest there is the Spirit (soul). Beyond the soul, there is nothing - that is the goal or end of journey. 


A) The form (objects of sense perception) is perceived and the EYE is its perceiver.

B) It the (EYE), organ of perception, is perceived and the MIND is its perceiver.

The sense organs, unless the Mind is attached to them cannot perceive their objects.

In the state of deep sleep the sense organs do not perceive anything because the MIND, at the time, cease to function.

C) The MIND with its modifications is perceived and the Witness (the SELF) is verily the perceiver.

D) The Witness is not Perceived by any other. The Self is the ultimate perceiver.

The MIND is controlled by the conscious self.

The forms or objects of perception appear as various, the eye sees them itself remaining one and the same. The eye on account of its changeable nature is an object and its perceiver is the MIND. Such characteristics  of the EYE as blindness, sharpness or dullness, the mind is able to cognize it because of it unity.

MInd like Sense Organs is an object perceived by Consciousness. Consciousness know the states of MIND like desire, determination, doubt, faith, fear, understand and others. The Mind is an object of perception and Consciousness is the perceiver.

Consciousness does neither rise nor set; it does not increase; nor does not suffer decay; being self luminous it illumines eveything else without any aid.



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